Looking to hire a great DJ for your birthday party? Want it to be the party that everyone remembers? Look no further, DJ RYMO is the Birthday DJ for you.

DJ RYMO will discuss your birthday party with you and take care of all your favourite tracks & music preferences. He will also help you plan any surprises, memorable moments and timings for your party. This means on the night of your party things will flow great from start to finish and you and your guests can party the night away to your favourite tunes!

DJ RYMO has a whole range of professional sound & lighting equipment to choose from, from stylish uplighting to incredible lasers and strobes and even a light up DJ booth for a fantastic looking setup. Need some extra bass? How about two 800 watt subwoofers to get your guest's feet moving! Need some smoke to bring out the lights and set the mood or maybe some UV lighting for a glow in the dark party. The choice if yours, DJ RYMO will make sure planning your birthday party is hassle free and exactly as you require it.

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